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UPDATE  In October of 2006 we achieved a lifetime dream of moving to the Smoky Mountains.  We are now located in a remote area of a small town known as Marshall North Carolina.  It's like living back a couple of centuries ago.  I find the people here so friendly,  kind and oh so Christian.  What a treat!  I couldn't ask for more.  I intend to follow up with this but for now there are millions of boxes to unpack and vets to interview.

Welcome to Young Yorkies located near Baton Rouge, Louisiana.   I am Paulette Young and I am owned by several very special Yorkies.  I have been blessed with this labor of love, the breeding of these balls of fur.  Here is the story of how it all began. 

I spent a couple of years of researching and planning after breeding two yorkies that I had for 10 years. 

 I then searched and searched across country for a few champion sired near perfect (according to AKC standard) gorgeous animals to begin a new breeding program and retired my older babies. I had discovered that I wasn't doing the breed that I loved any great favors because, although I loved my animals they weren't top of the line Yorkies, they had faults that should not be bred. 

I hadn't done my homework.  I was what you call a backyard breeder and I was ignorant of that fact.  I was bound and determined to reform.   I found a group called "Yorkie Friends" They don't know I'm doing this and I hope I don't get in trouble here.  In particular, I found a lady named Terri Shumsky.  I asked a lot of questions and then started my quest.  You need to educate yourself and never stop.  You can NEVER know enough!

My goal is to do everything I can to improve the Yorkshire terrier breed. Of course my 14 yr old Yorkie oversees the process and keeps me in line :c ) .  
I make sure to do a lot of testing before I do any breeding to prevent any genetic problems before they start. I do Bile Acid Test, DNA testing and anything I feel appropriate or my vet recommends.  Make sure any puppy you buy comes with a health guarantee my babies do.  My Dogs  have microchips and I currently microchip all my pups.

I continue to educate myself by taking classes, attending seminars, and reading books.  I've developed quite a canine library.  In fact with each puppy that I adopt out they usually receive a book most of the time it is Sandra Lemire “Yorkies Head to Tail” or Terry Shumsky's   “How to Raise a Good Healthy  Dog” both are excellent resources and are two of my favorite books.  I’ve probably purchased at least a dozen of each of these books. Anyway… 

 I moved into a home half the size of the home I was in (because it had a pool which I needed for some ailments I had developed) and a wonderful large 8' fenced yard for the babies.  I started building a huge room, full of windows allowing lots of natural light, overlooking the pool with a smaller room on the side (for grooming) the best room in the house for my babies. Can you believe their room is way nicer than any other in the house?  Of course it's not quite finished yet...anyway I digress.   

I  teach web, some programming, and applications at a computer school 11 hours a day 4 days a week, with a couple of odd jobs, on the side from the house.   I do bring my babies with me to school many times so they can get used to all kinds of people and places. It’s part of their socialization program

 My husband and I work different shifts so the house is empty for only a few hours each day.  This is great for the babies, especially around whelping time.  I do tend to find a reason to stay home during those times.  Well, be it boring or just a mere account this is the story of Young Yorkies and how it has evolved. 


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We must always continue to learn about our Breed

 DNA & Bile Acid are Essential

Training makes the difference between & Good & Great Dog

Vaccinations are Essential but don't Over Vaccinate

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