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Some of the Best Yorkie Books I've Read Are:

Yorkie Heads to Tails
by Sandra Lea Mira

How to raise Good Healthy Dog
by Terry Shumsky

The new Complete Yorkshire Terrier
by Ruth B Gordon

277 Secrets Your Dog Wants You to Know
by Paulette Cooper and Paul Noble

The Yorkshire Terrier Handbook
by D Caroline Colie, Ph.d

The New Owners Guide to the Yorkshire Terrier
by Janet Jackson

Yorkshire Terriers
by Kerry Donnelly

Irrepressible Toy Dog
by Darlene Arden

Yorkshire Terrier Periodical Quarterly

The Art of Raising a Puppy
by the Monks of New Skete

How to be your puppy's best friend, The classic manual for training
by the Monks of New Skete

I and Dog
by the Monks of New Skete

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