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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there such a thing as a teacup Yorkie?

There is NO such thing as a teacup Yorkie.  The Yorkie Standard, which you can view from this website, states that the Yorkshire Terrier should not exceed 7 pounds.  There is no separate breed known as a "teacup yorkie".  Yorkshire Terriers are part of the toy group. 

Breeders who have Yorkies should be knowledgeable about their breed.  The learning never ends because new information is constantly  available.  Reading books, attending classes and seminars about canines (and Yorkies especially) should be a very big part of the breeders life.
 Creating a breeding plan to produce 2 pound Yorkies is not a good idea.  These tiny puppies are generally less healthy than others just a pound or two larger.  Do some research on problems like Hypoglycemia, choking problems and the numerous other maladies that are quite prevalent in a tiny 2 pound Yorkie.

Should I have my puppy fixed? 

If you do not plan to breed your Yorkie it is a really good idea to have them spaded or neutered.    For the male neutering will help prevent "spraying or marking" territory (if done early enough, this procedure can be done on a 12 week puppy), testicle cancer, and over aggression.  For the female, having her spayed will  prevent her from "coming into season" and the problem with all the neighborhood dogs at your doorstep if you let your baby go out to play or do her business.  It will also help prevent mammary cancer.

Tell me how to get rid of the doggie breath.

Generally, doggie breath is a sign of dental problems.  Your Yorkie should have his teeth cleaned at least once a week by you or the groomer, when its bath time.  Yorkies are prone to dental problems partly because many are spoiled rotten and given "people food" instead of a more restricted diet.  Yorkies should also have their teeth cleaned professionally at least on an annual basis.  At this time the vet can remove any baby teeth that did not fall out as the adult teeth have grown in.  This is a very common problem.  There is also a additive that can be added to your pups water to help aid in keeping their teeth clean.

My Yorkie has a strange smell to him and he shakes his head a lot.  What could be the problem?

First of all you need to make sure that his ears are clean .  As is typical with many breeds of dog, exposure to the elements and the sharing by a friend can lead to mite infestations.   You must remain vigilant and inspect your Yorkies ears a regular basis for any signs of a mite infestation.  The primary symptoms of  mite problems  is a dark brown or black smelly substance in the ear.  Ear mites cause severe itching and irritation to your Yorkie and should be eliminated as soon as possible.  Mites spread very easily, and if not controlled will quickly spread to all of your canine friends if you have more than one.  Keeping the hair plucked from the ear is a great help as you strive to keep them clean and mite free. 

My puppies ears won't stand up

Yorkies ears are a "V" shaped and normally stand upright to give the Yorkie a perky, attentive expression.  Not all Yorkies ears stand upright, and there is nothing harmful to the dog if this occurs.  Show dogs must have upright ears. Each Yorkie is unique and therefore ears may vary in size and/or thickness, resulting in  the occasional puppy whose ears are "floppy".

Although it is normal for the ears to droop during teething, a very common problem is that the ear needs to be trimmed.  Your babies ears should be trimmed on the edge about halfway down each side, I use a clipper to achieve the best results.   If after 8 - 12 weeks the ears do not come up, you may want to tape them.  I'll have to get some pictures to add here.

Keep those questions coming in and I'll do my best to answer them.  If I can't I will find someone who can.  I love learning more about these little darlings.


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